BREAKING: Announced Investments

In order to keep you up to date with any announced investments as well as funding opportunities and opportunities for public comment, we will be maintaining this page.  Send us any Climate Commitment Act investment developments we may have missed!

Other Maps

A map of the proposed Climate Commitment Act from six programs run by the Recreation and Conservation Office can be viewed here.

Investment Announcements

These investments hare not yet on the map, but will be soon!

  • Spring 2024 Sustainable Farms and Fields Funding: In this round of funding, $1,702,441 of funding was allocated to support 36 projects at 16 Washington conservation districts.
  • Tribal Clean Energy Grant Program: “$7.5 million in grants to five tribes in Washington to plan, design and build clean energy projects.”
  • Home Electrification and Appliance Rebate Program: “$39,575,225 in grants to cities, counties, municipal utilities, and state and federally recognized tribes to support electrification of homes and businesses…Commerce received 35 applications for this funding, requesting over $82 million. Funds were distributed with a focus on helping to meet the state’s equity and environmental justice goals. Eligible requests were scored through a formula based on data from the Washington State Environmental Health Disparities map, U.S. Department of Energy Low-Income Energy Affordability Data, and U.S. Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool.”
  • Community Decarbonization: “$72.6 million for 71 grants for community clean energy projects across Washington that advance environmental justice and equity. The funding will benefit communities in 24 of Washington’s 39 counties through solar projects, hydrogen fueling, electricity microgrids and more.”
  • Coming in July, Round 3 General solicitation for clean energy projects: “Approximately $34 million is available to support planning, design and construction of clean energy projects through a general round which is open to eligible project types and applicants for all funding areas.”  Applications closed June 14th.
  • Coming in July: Washington Coast Restoration and Resiliency Initiative. Final Applications due early June, grants awarded early July.
  • Applications submitted in early May. Brian Abbott Fish Barrier Removal Board.  List sent to legislature in August, final awards July 2025 for 2025-27 Biennium Budget.
  • Preliminary Investment plan in Fall 2024, funding grants available July 2025 (2025-27 Biennium). Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program. Final applications submitted for sub-programs in May and June.

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